Readers' Favorite Reviews ULTIMATE REVENGE


Plotting revenge is thrilling... but can he pull it off?

For 13 years, Russell has been searching for Joshua, whose lies and trickery landed Russel in federal prison.

The joy of freedom after seven years of incarceration soon spirals into a dark reality as Russell struggles to find work while suffering from depression and anxiety attacks. A near-fatal accident almost ends his relationship with Kayla, the love of his life. And it is all Joshua’s fault!

When he crosses paths with Joshua at the bank, Russell’s hatred boils over, and his desire for vengeance explodes.


Ultimate Revenge by Eichin Chang-Lim is a standalone sequel to Love, A Tangled Knot and tells the story of Russell, who has been searching for one man for the last thirteen years since he got out of prison; Joshua, the man who got Russell incarcerated. Then, one fateful day, Russell catches a glimpse of Joshua in town. Blood boiling and with a vengeance on his mind, the wheels are set in motion as Russell begins his plan for revenge. But as the days go by, Russell starts to hesitate. Will he let his thirst for revenge control him, or will he find another way to exact his vengeance? One thing is for sure, Russell is the only one who can dictate the outcome of this story.

Ultimate Revenge by Eichin Chang-Lim is a short novella packed with suspense and emotions. There isn’t much to unpack as the story happens in one week. However, Chang-Lim’s use of this timeframe helps to make it feel more concise and always moving. Although we aren’t given a thorough background on the main characters, Chang-Lim provides just enough information to empathize with them and be immersed in their world. With quick pacing and an engaging narrative that will keep you turning the pages, it has the right amount of suspense and a compelling story. Chang-Lim’s new novella is an excellent read for fans of suspense and short stories alike.

~ Reviewed by Maria Victoria Beltran for Readers' Favorite