Flipping is back in time for Christmas

Flipping is back online! Inviting you all to get it for your kindle this Holiday Season or gift it to someone who needs a bit of inspiration and positivity.

You can get your copy HERE or if you're a subscriber, it's free to read on KindleUnlimited.

Flipping is an award winning romance novel that highlights the power of love to move us forward and the strength of the human spirit to overcome life's challenges.

Be Inspired. Fall in Love.

What reviewers said:

"Chang-Lim writes in a simple, direct prose style that seems to channel the matter-of-fact diligence of her characters ... quick little scenes that guilelessly propel the plot ..." - Kirkus Reviews

"The gentleness of the love story is indeed moving and I found myself thinking about the situation in between reading..." - Ken Fry, Author

What gives this novel depth are the parallel themes running throughout. The characters' struggle with their self-esteem are prevalent throughout the book. This creates a richly layered and more interesting novel as the reader recognizes the threads that weaves the book together.

Read more about Flipping here: http://www.eichinchanglim.com/p/flipping.html