A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent

Sometimes, there's an unexpected anguish lurking behind something that we initially perceived as “perfect.” Life is filled with situations like this. It throws us a curveball, and all we can do is find a way to catch it and not drop the ball. Ultimately, we discover the joy, love, and beauty in the midst of distress.

I am writing this book based on my personal experience as the mother of a child rendered profoundly deaf due to a genetic disorder, and as an optometrist who, through my years of practice, had encountered children with various degrees of visual impairment due to congenital disabilities or unforeseen incidents. I am neither a child psychologist nor a family counselor. It is my desire to share my experiences with other mothers raising children in need of special attention, in hopes that they may find inspiration, encouragement, and joy in the process. 

It can be lonely raising a special needs child, 
but you are not alone.   

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A Mother's Heart: Memoir of a Special Needs Parent by Eichin Chang-Lim
Parenting is a challenging journey, especially when raising a child who requires extra attention. There are days when it feels as if you're trapped in a dark cave with no way out. The lonesomeness and helplessness exhaust you. You may be looking for some words of inspiration to know that you are not alone.

A Mother's Heart is a book for any parent in a similar circumstance. This book is written by a mother raising a special needs son with a genetic disorder. It encapsulates both the elements of a memoir and a self-help book. The author candidly shares her need to make heart-wrenching decisions throughout the journey, including family life and working with the school systems.

This is a book not only helpful for parents with a special needs child, it will also give insights to individuals who may encounter or be involved with parents of special needs children.