Readers' Favorite Review for Flipping - Layers Upon Layers of Great Reading Material

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite

Flipping: An Uplifting Novel of Love by Eichin Chang-Lim is a novel that walks the reader through different kinds of love. There is love between two people, but there is also love for one’s self. Divided into three parts, the novel covers two stories about two generations who fall in love, face the hardships of love and discover the true meaning of love. The story begins with JonSun and SuAnn, who might be different from each other, but their love for one another is no different. When the world is coming at them from all sides, the lovers get married in secret and make their love immortal, but sometimes love is not enough. 

Years go by and now their son, Wynson, meets a charismatic girl named Christa. This beautiful gymnast is deaf and can only hear with her cochlear implant, but that does not stop her from pursuing her dream. Her thirst for achieving her dream makes her even more attractive to Wynson and soon the two of them fall in love. But nothing is easy for them. Christa receives devastating news that almost crushes her soul and Wynson has his troubles that might take Christa away from him forever. Can these two overcome their troubles? Can love help them find the way? 

To say that this novel is just a romance would not be enough because it delves far too deep to take it lightly. From themes such as finding the energy to love oneself first before loving someone else, fighting for your dreams, achieving your dreams, and fighting for what you believe is right are just some of the themes that I encountered while reading this novel. The pace of the novel was fast without rushing anything, the characters were given space and time to grow, develop ideas and become real people that cannot be ignored. Every character brought something new to the story, taking the plot forward and ensuring that the reader remains interested in the story. I found layers upon layers of great reading material that made me read on and wish for more material. This is a truly exceptional novel!