The LoveLock is a Different Love Story: A Reader's Favorite Review

Reviewed by Lex Allen for Readers' Favorite

Violet and Dylan, a pair of young adults brought together by tragedy, are ultimately separated as the death of Dylan’s mother and Violet’s sister spawn a series of violent emotional eruptions within their families. Though they go their separate ways, miles and circumstances apart, a token gift—a love lock—that Dylan gave to Violet, for which only he holds the key, remains a constant link between them. While Violet pursues an acting career, she cannot overcome a temporary psychological illness and sinks into drugs. On the brink of homelessness, she is “saved” by a neighbor who gets her a job as a stripper. Dylan faces his own challenges in the Peace Corps, followed by an accident that dramatically stops his hopes of reuniting with the love of his life, Violet. The LoveLock by Eichin Chang Lim is a love story in the truest sense of the genre.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a romance novel like The LoveLock. As a romance, the fundamental story line and characters are as one expects. What makes this novel stand out is, for me, the unique format that jumps from a benign beginning featuring both lead characters, to Dylan's sudden, unexplained disappearance as the story follows the trials and tribulations of Violet. About the time I figured I’d missed something and decided to reread, Dylan pops up with his own story, sans Violet. What follows is a continual jump from present to past, character to character, that Chang Lim executes flawlessly, that kept me on my toes. I was prepared for a “happy ever after” ending and—no, you’ll get no spoilers from me. The LoveLock by Eichin Chang Lim is a different love story well worth the money and time spent on it.