A Romantic Story with Substance - A Reader's Favorite Review for Flipping

Reviewed by Alyssa Elmore for Reader's Favorite

Discover the joy of love through sacrifice as two couples risk all for happiness in the stunning novel Flipping by Eichin Chang-Lim. JonSun and SuAnn met in college and fell in love at first sight. Drawn together by their love for old American films, the two must face adversity and make the ultimate choice for love. Abandoning all, the young couple moves to the United States to start a new life. In their first years as Americans, JonSun and SuAnn triumphantly welcome a baby boy into their family and find success flipping houses. Brilliantly happy, only one thing mars the couple's joy; JonSun's desperate need to prove his worth. Born deaf, Christa McMeri has struggled to fit in her whole life. Only her adopted sister, Jadelynn, and childhood best friend, Wynson, seem to penetrate her lonely world until she is introduced to gymnastics at a young age. Discovering her passion as a gymnast, Christa quickly determines to become an Olympic medalist. In her senior year in high school, Christa is thrown when her life takes a dark turn. Faced with a life-changing event, Christa is left feeling unworthy of love. Can she accept love with her disabilities? Will she be able to conquer her fears and learn to live?

Flipping by Eichin Chang-Lim is a beautifully tender novel of two couples struggling to navigate life's uncharted seas. Beginning with the parents' stories, the reader is drawn into the lives of Taiwanese immigrants and Americans, interweaving the two families together in a touching account of love, life, and conquering fear. I laughed, I cried; I laughed some more, then cried some more. The characters are so excellently portrayed; I easily empathized with each of them. Every character was a shining star. Rarely have I found a book so powerfully written, and a story so poignantly told. As a mother of a special needs child, I understood Christa's mother's battles, her tears, and fears. I appreciated how the author wove so much valuable information into the story. This book is a perfect read for families or friends of the hearing impaired. The way in which the author wrote both parts of the story was heartwarming and empowering. I would recommend this novel to those who enjoy romantic stories with substance.