Flipping: An Uplifting Novel of Love 5-Star Review from Readers' Favorite

JonSun knew from the moment he caught a fleeting glimpse of her that his heart called to the mysterious woman in the library. Vigilantly he returned, hoping to catch sight of her again, and when he did, the unimaginable happened. Despite being far beyond his reach, she agreed to go on a date. Her parents wanted her to marry a doctor, but as time went on she only had eyes for him, and was willing to sacrifice a life of comfort, even her family, to be with him. Her father had told JonSun he would never be good enough. He was determined to prove him wrong, but knew the life he provided was less than she deserved. But this is not just their tale, and theirs is not the only relationship to watch.

Eichin Chang-Lim writes with an amazing talent and gift. In Flipping she takes the stories of two unconnected families and pulls you into their individual stories, their plights, desperation, and struggles, then brings them together. This isn’t just one story, it’s three, the tale of JonSun and SuAnn, the struggles of the McMeri family, and finally the third tale of Wynson and Christa. Each story is part of the whole and is a struggle against the odds. The plot is gripping, emotional, heart-wrenching, and most of all, believable. The writing and characters are filled with such emotion they bring the story to life. Eichin Chang-Lim has an amazingly polished, concise writing style that will tug at the heartstrings from beginning to end. If you enjoy romance, conflict, struggles, and uplifting tales, then this author is one to watch.