The LoveLock: A Heartbreaking Tale of Shattered Dreams - A Readers' Favorite Review

Review by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

Childhood devastation had brought together the two hearts of Violet and Dylan, reuniting them when the time was right. They were the perfect match for each other, and a token of love, a lovelock, was shared between them. This token offers a memory of good times as fate once more separates the two lovers and they go their separate ways, each living their own life. To say they did not go as they had planned would be an understatement. Their lives spiral out of control, and whilst they are no longer part of each other's lives, they retain the token of their past, a source of comfort and despair. Can they take control of their own lives before they hit rock bottom, and will fate once more reunite those who remain connected through time?

The LoveLock is one hell of an emotional read. The first few chapters alone are enough to stir deep emotions. Eichin Chang-Lim knows how to write heart-wrenching, gritty emotion that plays the reader like a fiddle, forcing them to experience the highs and lows of the deep, vivid, flawed, and believable characters. The LoveLock is a heart-breaking tale of shattered dreams, uncertainty, despair, regret, romance, and just a touch of the supernatural. This book is written in parts, and each one is its own gem. Get a box of tissues at the ready, and see what plans fate has in store. I wouldn't hesitate to read more work from this talented author who excels at infusing such raw emotion into their writing. Unquestionably a five-star read.