The LoveLock: More Than A Love Story - A Review from Readers' Favorite

Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite

College sweethearts Dylan Purcell and Violet Swanson loved to go to the beach at the Hotel del Coronado near San Diego, California. It is where he gave her a locket on a chain, and he kept the key on another chain. They had initially bonded during tragic events during their childhood and found each other again at a college party. The LoveLock: A Suspenseful and Sensual Love Story written by Eichin Chang-Lim is a romantic and suspenseful story. As their relationship continues to grow, it is struck again with tragedy, and they move forward on separate paths. As each one moves to new localities and new relationships, each makes some poor decisions. Neither has ever forgotten the other, but with misunderstandings and untruths, each thought the other no longer felt love. It is unknown – until the end of the book – if they will ever find and trust each other again.

This story is well-written and flows well, even as the author moves the plot back and forth over the years. It is an engaging and easy-to-read book. Many characters, including parents, coworkers, and friends of both, are well-developed and realistic. Likewise, there are a number of settings – from hospital rooms, a strip club, a women’s recovery program, to casinos and bars. These descriptions are also well done, as the story moves from locale to locale. Author Eichin Chang-Lim has presented a fascinating novel in The LoveLock: A Suspenseful and Sensual Love Story. It is more than a love story; it is a study of how tragedies can affect lives and relationships. It is an intriguing read!