A Collection of Real-Life Cases by an Optometrist - A Review for Your Precious Sight

Reviewed By Jessica Barbosa for Readers’ Favorite

Your Precious Sight by Eichin Chang-Lim is a collection of real-life cases composed by the optometrist author. It’s a documentation of various situations handled and experienced by Dr. Chang-Lim, including her diagnoses and the possible causes of such outcomes. In every chapter, Dr. Chang-Lim highlights the different eye problems and questions she encountered in her profession. She provided stories ranging from easy, memorable cases to the worst ones she’s encountered so far. At the end of the chapter, she gives key points that summarize the most important parts that should be remembered.

Reading Dr. Eichin Chang-Lim’s book has given me an insight into the medical side of the patient-doctor dynamic. Her book has taught me a lot about basic eye care and has given me a fountain of information about one of the body’s most important organs, our eyes. She mentions the common problems encountered by people when it comes to their eyes, like pink eye and the usual cases where people need glasses to have their eyesight fixed, and various other complicated eye problems her patients have encountered. Dr. Chang-Lim graciously provided both the medical and common term of the problem and gave short, but easy to understand definitions which helped me understand and appreciate the cases on an even deeper level. 

The best part of the book to me is how the author provided articles regarding the eye problems encountered in various chapters so that any interested reader can learn more about it. She also gave links to support groups for people who need help and encouragement as they go through certain life-altering eye problems. Your Precious Sight mostly emphasized how important it is to be careful with our eyes, to have them checked regularly and not to put it off, especially when something doesn’t feel right. The author’s unforgettable personal motto and advice to all is: “When in doubt, check it out.” Overall, this is an inspiring, knowledgeable, self-help work that has changed my outlook for the better on the importance of eye care.