FLIPPING: An Uplifting Novel of Love

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The 2nd Edition of Flipping was published by Eichin Chang-Lim

Reviews for Flipping

"Chang-Lim writes in a simple, direct prose style that seems to channel the matter-of-fact diligence of her characters ... quick little scenes that guilelessly propel the plot ..." - Kirkus Reviews

"The gentleness of the love story is indeed moving and I found myself thinking about the situation in between reading..." - Ken Fry, Author

"Like the author's 'Tough Scratches' books, 'Flipping' is about life's trials and the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity. It is also about love in its many different forms. Ms. Chang-Lim's characters fight against family prejudice, social disadvantage and illness, but the message is ultimately upbeat and uplifting. The prose is sparse and unsentimental - but this only serves to heighten the emotions of certain passages. Sections of this novel will rip out your heart. Keep some tissues handy." - Amazon Review

FLIPPING has earned the Award of Literary Excellence from Dog Ear Publishing.

“The award is designed to deliver recognition for great writing to our authors,” said Ray Robinson, publisher, Dog Ear Publishing. “It provides a level of validation never found within the self-publishing industry,” he said, pointing out that Dog Ear is the only self-publishing company assessing authors’ works based on a stringent and defined set of editorial criteria and then applying a real-world quality rating. “A book that receives this award is of a uniquely high quality within the publishing world, from any publisher. These books will stand up to the best literary works from around the world.”

“This award is reserved for books that have been reviewed by our highly experienced editorial staff,” said Adrienne Miller, editorial services manager. “When an editor works on a title they really, really enjoy, they get the chance to recommend awarding the Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence. It is our way of recognizing authors when they’ve succeeded at creating a great book – books that any reader will find worthy of reading.”

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